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Why Successful Business Coaches Join the PBCA  

Are you as successful as you can be? For some successful coaches, they are out of time and would like to work less but earn the same or more. Others grow tired of helping clients tackle the same old problems and seek more challenging clients and work. Still others would like to win new exciting clients more efficiently, then start to build a small firm. And one more: many successful coaches look for better, faster ways to help their clients. Read on to learn what joining our community can mean to you.

Learn what has made others like you successful and adopt those best practices – Within the PBCA there are many highly successful coaches and consultants—and most made it using different techniques, tools and tactics. As each top performer joins the PBCA, we all benefit by sharing those ideas. We are all independent and working in different niches, so we don’t worry about competition among us.

Lift your skills from good to great in business development and delivery of services. – All successful members are smart, and so are the clients we serve. But even smart people need to continuously improve, whether its how we market and sell our services, or how we deliver our work. As members, we all coach each other (when requested) so that we each enjoy more success with less effort.

Receive and give referrals for other specialties. – Within the PBCA, we have members who specialize. For example, some are deep in training, others in valuation, others in sales, and so on. When we have clients with needs that go beyond what each of us do well, the PBCA is a great place to find top talent to refer or partner with. As members of the PBCA community, relationships and reputation are paramount, and help insure top quality and high integrity.

Build relationships with people in your line of work whom you like – Business coaching and consulting as an independent can become lonely. We are the people senior executives and owners turn to when they want someone to turn to, but who can we turn to? Along with the development of relationships come friendships. Some are more professional in nature; others become personal. Yet most of those in the PBCA for a few years or more come to truly enjoy this community

Partner with other members to tackle bigger opportunities – Most of us love our independence and chose not to join a big firm. But as small firms, some opportunities are too large to tackle alone. With the trust that develops between veteran, high producing members comes the opportunity for collaborations on a larger scale

Develop a Peer Group

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Meet us at twice annual in-person gatherings and more frequent video-based peer groups. As a member, you can reach out to any other member at any time by picking up the phone. Our culture is to help each other.

Here is a list of some of the veteran business coaches who would be your peers. Take a look at their websites and their digital footprint. Once you have reached out to us, we can make introductions so you can learn their experience with PBCA firsthand.


  • Michael Andersen
Essentia Business Advisors
  • Michael Beach
Michael Beach Coaching
  • Joe Dellasega
Dellasega Group
  • George Hedley
hard Hat Presentations
  • Bernie Heine
Professional Business Coaches, Inc.
  • Shawn Kinkade
  • Cindy Piva
Thrive Business Strategies
  • Robert Sher
  • Keri Stewart
Results 4 Business
  • Jim Wiginton
Broad Insights

The PBCA has two tracks for joining—one for new business coaches, and a different one for veteran coaches. Many areas of our website are written for business leaders new to coaching, and veteran coaches should call the PBCA to discuss the right track for you.