Working from home provides a lot of advantages. You’ve saved time and money by eliminating the commute. You don’t have the additional overhead expenses associated with having an outside office. You don’t have to shower in the morning and you can work in your pajamas! For some people, that’s a dream-come-true situation. For others, however, it is very difficult to work from home.

In my years of helping new business coaches launch their careers, I think the most common challenge I see with people working from a home office is related to a lack of ability to stay focused on work. After all, the garage needs cleaning, the lawn needs mowing, there’s laundry to do, and there are a lot of other distractions that keep us from working on our businesses (especially the areas of business that we don’t particularly enjoy!).

If you think you could benefit from having an outside office, but want to avoid the cost of furniture, utilities, cleaning services, and all of the other expenses associated with having a private office, you may want to check with a local accounting firm, law firm, financial advisory firm, or any other professional services-type company to see if they have a vacant office you could rent on a month-to-month basis!

This could be very cost-effective since your rent-payment would be free cash-flow to an existing business that has a vacant office. There’s not much downside (if they trust your integrity). In fact, it can benefit them by having a resource (You) handy for any of their clients who could benefit from business coaching!

From your perspective, you’ll get a relatively inexpensive, already furnished, ready-to-go office with other benefits of co-locating with another professional services firm. You may even have a built-in referral source!

There’s another important benefit you can get by renting an office at an established professional services firm: You won’t get lonely. If you have a stand-alone, private office (or even if you work from home), there can be a lot of lonely hours. That can be draining. When you have a lot of people working around you, you’ll feed off of that energy.

As a final tip: The owner of the professional services firm is a business owner…That means he/she can benefit from having a business coach. I suggest that you see if you can trade services for the vacant office! After all, our best referral sources are our clients!

I wish you all the best in your coaching and in your life!